winter session 2023

January 8 - March 5


Discipleship Explored
Led by: Fara Green & Judge Richie Mesa
Discipleship Explored is a rich study of Philippians in which the main focus of Paul’s letter is Christ and his “surpassing” worth.  (Philippians 3:8).  Materials include the Bible, 15-minute videos, and a handbook.   The individual elements that are involved in discipleship, such as reading the Bible, being committed to the local church, prayer, evangelism, and serving others are embedded in the lessons.  Each film aims to bring a different part of Philippians into focus, showing what it teaches and what that means for us as followers of Jesus. As well as teaching from Barry Cooper, the films contain interview footage with believers from across five different continents and seven different countries to show how Philippians has made a difference to them. Each reading of Philippians includes correlating scripture and discussion.  Following are the titles of each session:
•Confident in Christ
•Living in Christ
•One in Christ
•Obedient in Christ
•Righteous in Christ
•Transformed in Christ
•Rejoicing in Christ
•Content in Christ
Christian Grandparenting
Led by: Deanna McSwain
The Resounding Impact of Christian Grandparents
When a grandparent becomes a mentor to a grandchild, they are essentially discipling. And when you disciple, you hand down your faith not to just that generation, but to potentially two, three or even more. Some topics for these sessions include but not limited to:
•What the bible says about grandparenting
•Long distance Grandparenting/Vacationing Intentionally
•Modeling the love and life of Jesus
•Ideas to discipline grandchildren
•Cultivating Spiritual Thankfulness
•Partnering with Parents
We will share our joys and challenges of grandparenting and see what others say about being grandparents through videos. Sessions are open to current and prospective grandparents. Handouts will be provided throughout the sessions.

How to Bear Fruit for the Kingdom – Relational Evangelism
Led by: Sam Patton
God has strategically placed each of us among a unique group of people. We are all insiders with our own relationships with people who desperately need the Gospel. This class will be discussing different ways to spread the kingdom of God among the people we come into contact. To help guide the discussion, we will be reviewing the following book: The Insider, Bringing the Kingdom of God into Your Everyday World by Jim Petersen and Mike Shamy.
From Garden to Garden: Promises Fulfilled
A Study from Matthew to Revelation

Led by: Connie Skarda
From Garden to Garden: Promises Fulfilled in the New Testament.  Jesus in the gospels. The church’s foundation in Acts. Truth and application in the letters. Eternity and beyond in Revelation..  Homework will be totally OPTIONAL AND FLEXIBLE.
God’s Perfect Design: Learning about the Elements in Art
Led by: Sarah Galloway
We will be learning about design elements in art and how this process can also help us in understanding God's design for us.  In art, design elements look at all 7 (line, color, value, shape, form, space, and texture) working together to form a cohesive work of art.  Similarly, within our faith, God uses all things for His perfect design.  As I've been planning for this class, I'm finding it useful to look at the definitions of each element, and considering how scripture relates to this and thinking about Romans 8:28 in particular "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."

Limited spaces available.  Registration required.


Sunday Night Life
Students in grades 6-12 will be equipped to build bridges
to their peers and the world around them through a variety
of Bible based interactive discussions about issues affecting
our lives, service projects, outreach events and fun activities.


The Preschool and Children will offer two Sunday Evening
classes for children 1st to 5th grade. Classes are free and no
registration is required. Childcare and fun activities will be
 offer at the same time for children Kinder and younger.