And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

Philippians 1:6

Our Vision

To build a community of Christ followers who are disciplined and strong in body, mind, and spirit so they may be prepared to go and share the love of Jesus, the truth of His Word, and make disciples of all nations. Matthew 28:19-20

Our Mission

To provide diverse programming that builds strength of the physical body, scriptural knowledge of the mind, and an unrelenting faithfulness of spirit to answer God’s call to go forth and bring His good news. Romans 10:14-15

Who We Are

We believe that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, that we are not our own, and we must glorify God in our bodies (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). We are dedicated to empowering believers and non-believers alike to be willing and able to move when God calls.  We provide a variety of programming to build physical and spiritual discipline through fitness classes, nutrition education, Bible study, and fellowship. We challenge you to come and learn how to elevate your worship from a personal relationship with God to one that serves to “move” you to share His good news with everyone you encounter.

Come join us and experience God in a way you never thought possible!

What We Offer

Build & Burn (1 Corinthians 3:15)  Full of fun, this cardio and strength-building workout will help you build lean body mass and burn calories while focusing on learning to be a better knower and follower of Jesus Christ. This 45-minutes of heart-pounding movement and worship will end with a dedicated time of resting and receiving through the preaching and meditation of God’s word. All fitness levels are welcome. A mat, dumbbells, and drumsticks are needed. See schedule below.
31 Days of Weight Loss God's Way
We all hunger for something more, and we mistakenly believe that lowering a number on a scale holds the answer.  The truth is that a better physical version of yourself is not going to satisfy.  There is a better way.  His way.  Will you join us in a 31-day challenge to lose what weighs you down?  Goal weight?  WHOLE.
Bible Study: The Wellness Revelation 
This 9-week program is designed to help you get both physically and spiritually fit, to help change  the way you perceive yourself and others, to better equip you for love and service, and free you to find God’s purpose for  your life. You will take this journey with a small group and a certified fitness professional, specifically trained for leading you through this program. The Wellness Revelation also includes a workout calendar, access to RevTV (online based workouts), a daily journaling guide, live workouts with your leader twice per week, weekly accountability with your leader, weekly videos by the author, Alisa Keeton, and a study guide/book (~$20) with weekly reading and study material designed to help you lose what weighs you down. This is not a weight-loss program, but a program designed to help you get free, so you can stay free, love God, and love others the way He intended and commands.
Outreach Events
Coming soon!
Fly, Run, or Walk (Isaiah 40:31) 
In this class, you get to decide if you want to fly, run, or walk – all we ask is that you  MOVE! This class is for anyone who has strength, motion, or  balance limitations that impair their willingness to get up and go. This class uses 7 specific whole-body movements while sitting or standing in place. No equipment is needed – it’s just you, your body, and The Spirit of Christ. Ultimately, we want you to gain freedom in movement and renew your strength through Him so that you can move for Him! There are currently no scheduled Fly, Run, or Walk sessions. Typically, each session is 4 weeks long, 2 days per week. If you are interested in Fly, Run, or Walk, please reach out to us.

Our Schedule

Fitness classes are ongoing with periodic intercessional breaks (see below). Participants may register for classes at any time and give a donation for the class of their chosen amount. All classes are lead by certified fitness instructors.

Build & Burn - Tuesday & Thursday, 5:30 a.m. via Zoom
*childcare is available upon reservation for in-person classes

Intercessions (no classes) - October 4–19, December 20–January 3, March 6–21


For scholarship info or other questions, please reach out to us!

Shelly Morkovsky

ACE 2011, FTGP 2020

Shelly has been coaching group fitness since 2011.  She is an American Council on Exercise certified group fitness instructor, as well as holding and maintaining certifications in many other, varied and specific class formats such as indoor cycling, plyometrics, yoga, and kickboxing.  She is also a certified Revelation Wellness Instructor, Fitness Teacher, Gospel Preacher since 2020.

"As a follower of Christ, a former athlete, and a wife and mother, I have a strong desire to disciple people, especially as discipleship relates to movement.  Each of us is called to do good works that God planned in advance for us, all of which He intends to further the gospel.  But if we do not have all the pieces of who we are, our whole selves, under the leadership of Christ - our health, our jobs, our families, all of the things we are stewards of - we can neither hear His call nor step into the good works He's called us to do.  I believe I'm called to use my talents, my education, and all the blessings I've been given to help people learn to bring ALL of the pieces of who they are into fellowship and relationship with Christ, so that when He speaks, they know His voice, and they are ready to obey.  Something transformative happens when we move our bodies while we hear the word of God.  I want to help make people ready, spiritually and physically, to hear God's word, know His voice, and move to obey His commands."

Dr. Laura Sander